Inaugural Nothead Tackle Elite Series Crappie Trail

April 14, 2019
We had 11 very competitive teams show up to the Inaugural Nothead Tackle Elite Series Crappie Trail at Patoka. The lake has had a bad reputation of not being able to produce good weights and have had a lot of organizations taking this lake off their schedule.

This lake is alive and well! We had a great weigh in yesterday and some impressive weights! Finishing on top of the field with a very impressive weight of 10.79 lbs. was the team of Doug Laake and Ryan Rohl. Doug and Ryan vertical jigged their way to a 1st place win that paid $578.00. Finishing in 2nd place with another impressive 7-fish limit was the team of Doug Allen and Larry Yates with a 2nd place weight of 10.12 lbs! Doug and Larry were swimming jigs all day to capture the high 2nd place honors and Doug Allen also caught the big fish of the day, and nice 1.93 lb. slab! Finishing in 3rd place was the team of Rick Zscheidrich fishing alone. Rick was swimming and vertical jigging Nothead jigs all day to weigh in a solid 6.00 lb. 3rd place weight. Thank you so very much for all you men that showed up and all the better halves that supported the men that came! Our next tournament is at Monroe. Keep an eye on the website and the facebook page for more details!

click the link below to see the weigh results:…

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